A bit about myself

There's no getting away from the fact that computers arouse strong emotions in people: when they go wrong; when they update just as you've got the hang of that tricky programme; when you've been button-pushing and you get a BSOD. It's at those maddening moments that I am there to sort it all out for you. I'm approachable, logical, a bit of a 'tech geek' but not a robot, as I am open-minded and outgoing. But above all, I am honest and capable when it comes to troubleshooting.

You can trust that with numerous IT certificates under my belt, and many satisfied customers to testify to my service, after a consultation with me, you will be ready to make friends with your computer again.

The 'Tools':

The Text Editor

"I know it (but i must double check that I'm correct)"

"There must be people with similar problems and hopefully a solution."

Reddit for the procrastinators

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